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Fear surged through my veins, my muscles tense as coiled springs, ready to explode at the slightest touch, yet relaxing was vital - I desperately fought to slow my breathing and calm my mind. Tenuously clinging to the dead vertical face like one of the many small succulents which covered the wall, obscuring the holds. I was six hundred metres above the ground, with the last bolt out of sight, at least ten metres below my feet, and still unable see anything above. Scenarios flashed through my mind; we had just heard that a member of the only other party to repeat this route had broken his leg during a fall… “
Best not to think… Just concentrate and focus on the next move… You will be fine… One move at a time… Don’t think about anything else!
“Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!” The call to prayer echoed across a craggy cirque in the Hajar Mountains. Jakob and I were in Oman to climb at a virtually unknown sport-climbing area near the small village of Hadash.

To say it was scenic here would be a grievous understatement. The purple, slate crag was exposed on a shoulder of a gigantic mountainous bowl, 1,000 metres above the plains below. Below us, dirt tracks snaked across dry riverbeds and small rocky outcrops appeared lunar and minuscule against a backdrop of 2,000-metre peaks. The call to prayer rang like a testament to the majesty of it all.
Jakob pitched off the crux of his route and swore his bad beta: “Agh, I should just do that!
Little Performers
Off to a great start
As a parent, your child’s health comes second to none. It is for us, too. At adidas, we are committed to the lifelong care of your little ones’ feet – from crawling, walking, jumping and running to fulfilling their biggest dreams.
The first step to healthy feet
We count on our feet to carry us throughout our lives. So proper development is essential. While going barefoot is best, it’s rarely possible in today’s environment. And finding the correct shoes for your child’s various development stages can be a difficult task.
  • The adidas by Stella McCartney Metallic Jacket and Shorts

Whether you’re en route to Pilates, your favorite spinning class, Bar Method, ballet or dance, adidas by Stella McCartney Studio’s new Spring/Summer collection has got you covered for all things performance style.
Stand out in a sea of black with this Metallic Jacket and Short set. Bold shine and precise design come together beautifully for an outfit that’s anything but shy! An amazing pre- and post-workout cover-up, this piece rewards the confident. The jacket features batwing sleeves, a layered construction and an elasticated bottom hem.
Opt to walk on the wilder side with the leopard print Studio Parka, paired perfectly with the adidas by Stella McCartney Studio Tights.
Meet Undenk, one of the most original street art collectives in the world.

Everyone knows Berlin has more street art than pretty much any other city in the world, so meet Undenk, one of the groups at the scene's forefront. Its ten members are putting up some of of the most forward-thinking work around.

In Part 1, we go to Berlin to catch up with three of Undenk's core members - Matthias Povel, and Lukas and Paul Kampfmann. We chat with Berlin street dons Pisa 73 and Christian Rothenhagen to learn how Undenk are perceived by their contemporaries.
Coming from the always excellent Hyperdub label family, London's Cooly G has emerged as one of the UK's most exciting producer/performers, thanks to her recently released album Playin' Me.

We catch up with her in her home with her kids, on stage and on the soccer pitch, where Cooly once made herliving as semi pro footballer for the Tooting and Mitcham Ladies FC.

Promoter and dance music expert Gamall Awad and Rinse FM DJ and producer Scratcha DVA chime in as well.
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