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Therese Johansen

  • Therese Johansen 1

What’s your favorite spot/location to be active?
At home in Rogaland, or in Fontainebleu, Vingsand, Switzerland or in the Rocklands. I cannot choose one, there are too many good spots.But if I were to choose one, I think I would have to say Rogaland.

How do you prepare for a project/contest?
I focus on being in shape in general. In winter and summer I do some strength training as well as bouldering. When I train bouldering, I usually just boulder hard, mostly on steep walls. Sometimes I feel like I need something extra on a project, core strength for example. Then of course I focus on that.

What are your biggest accomplishments?
My ascent of the boulder “Propoganda” 8A+/B, was really hard for me, and I was able to stay focused while fighting under time pressure. It was raining the next days and I had planned to leave the spot. So I managed the boulder at my last opportunity during that trip.

What are your next goals related to your sport?
My next goals are to focus on bouldering my projects at home, as well as hopefully develop new areas in Rogaland. Another goal is to train hard this winter, so that the spring will be as good as the one last year.

Who do you look up to, who motivates you?
The people that motivate me the most are the guys I am bouldering with in Stavanger, it is a group of really psychedboulders!
Who is your favorite guy to hang out with/be active with?
My boyfriend Torstein.

What’s your ‘2nd‘ sport?
It’s difficult to say. It must be weight lifting and strength training. But that’s mostly because I feel it’s helping me become a strongerboulder.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?
Meeting friends, eat good food or shopping. If we are traveling maybe a bit of sightseeing.

What’s your favorite adidas product and why?
It like the adidas pants. They are really comfortable and flexible.

What’s your favorite food?